Deicy Cordero HW April 28

Project: Zodiac Playing Cards

Group: Deicy, Ian, Anna

Printing Facility:


Type of press it will be printed on:

  • Fuji Xerox Docucolor 5065 digital color multifunction printer

Number of colors:
Size: 3.5 x 5.75
Pages: 55 cards/deck + informational booklet

  • shrink wrap to cover deck/cellowrap
  • white tuck box
  • large box to hold deck & informational booklet

Paper finish: smooth or linen
Paper weight: either standard 300 gsm (smooth) or premium 310 gsm (linen) – casino quality
Paper brightness: bright, plastic PVC cards
Color profile:
Bleed: 1/8 inch
Set up costs: no set-up charge
Proof costs: $16.99/deck + $5.79/standard ship or $18/fedex ship $14.10/deck + $.10 white box or $.60 custom box + $9.99 standard or $29.99 express $13.99/deck + $29.99 fedex
Minimum quantity: 1
Total cost:

  • $22.78 – $34.99
  • $34.19 – $44.69
  • $43.98

Cost per unit:
Turnaround time: standard – 2-3 production + 7 delivery = 9-10 business days
fedex: 2-3 production + 3 delivery = 5-6 business days standard – 2-3 production + 7 deivery = 9-10 business days
express – 2-3 production + 3-4 delivery = 5-7 business days standard: standard – 2-4 production + 7-12 delivery = 9-16 business days
fedex – 2-4 production + 2-4 delivery = 4-6 business days

  • shortest express time
  • cheapest express cost
  • cheapest standard cost
  • allows up to 70 cards/deck
  • 2 cards quality choices (300 or 310 gsm)
  • can customize front & back
  • no minimum order
  • cheapest total cost

  • allows up to 56 cards/deck
  • can customize front & back
  • can customize box
  • no minimum order
  • most expensive cost (with express)

  • shortest express delivery time


  • most expensive deck (before shipping)

  • only 1 card quality option (300 gsm)

  • only allows 54 cards/deck (we need 55)
  • only card quality option is 280 gsm matte
  • must be 2.5 x 3.5 (no large cards)
  • longest standard delivery time
  • longest standard production time

Deicy Cordero HW April 7

Project Title: zodiac playing cards
Concept: create a fully functional and playable deck of cards for a variety of different Zodiac signs. The zodiacs will include the 12 traditional zodiacs, 12 chinese zodiacs, 12 Egyptian zodiacs & 20 mayan zodiacs. It will total at 56

Aesthetic Summary: flat, geometric, cartoonish illustrations

Art: a reimagined take on zodiac signs from all over the world

Copy: no copy, just image on 1 side of card & pattern on opposite side

References & Inspiration (at least 3-5 sources):


Substrate: gloss card stock

Binding: cards within a box

Timeline and Objectives:

For April 7: create brief

For April 28: first draft

For May 5: final approval

For May 12: Present Digital Files for Final Projects

For May 19: Present Final Projects

Homework for April 28

It may feel like we are just starting the final, but we already need to think about the finished product. The capabilities and limitations of the printing facility that you plan to use will have a major impact on the way that you design your work.

For next week, each member of your group should research a different printing facility. Try to fill in each of the following fields, and consider whether or not the facility you choose is a reasonable option for your group. The goal is to have at least 3 or 4 different options, so you can make an informed decision.

Printing Facility:
Type of press it will be printed on:
Number of colors:
Cover type:
Paper finish:
Paper weight:
Paper brightness:
Color profile:
Set up costs:
Proof costs:
Minimum quantity:
Total cost:
Cost per unit:
Turnaround time:

Jose Benitez HW for April 7th

Project title : Playing cards based on cultural mythology

Aesthetic Summary : The playing cards will each have different illustrations of mythological gods and goddesses of different cultures. Each suite is dedicated for one specific mythology. The card design for the back will be a combination of styles from the four mythologies chosen.

Art: Vector and/or hand drawn illustrations

Copy: small description of what’s on the card

Timeline: 2-3 weeks

April 7th : Finalization of concept. Division of work.

April 21st : mockups of the playing cards

April 28st: Final draft

May 2nd: Final print

Ian Pooran HW April 7th

Concept: create A fully functional and playable deck of cards with useful information and characteristic about a variety of different Zodiac signs. The playing cards will have meanings for each that helps the players to learn about their astrology signs in Maya , Egyptian, Western  , Chinese zodiac signs.
Aesthetic Summary:  56 playing cards with unique packaging. The Back of the card will have a unique one of kind illustration while the inside of the card will have the information about the astrology and info graphic to match.
Art: Information and illustarations
Demantion: 3.5″-5.5″

Binding: no binding
/ deck packaged in a box.

Timeline and Objectives
For April 7: create brief
For April 28: first draft
For May 5: final approval
For May 12: Present Digital Files for Final Projects

References & Inspiration :



Ray Luong HW April 7

Project title: Don’t Want Your Brains Eaten? Here’s A Zombie Survival Guide!

Concept: Infographics detailing different types of zombies as well as different weapons and safety measures to use survive hordes of zombies.

Aesthetic Summary: Horror themed, gruesome, violent.

Art: vector art/images of zombies, weapons, materials.

Copy: 4-5 chapters consisting of types of zombies, safety measures, weapons, viruses, safe zones (if any) etc..




Binding: Perfect binding

For April 7: Research, divide work, start design process.

For April 28: Finalize roughs & apply to layout.

For May 5: Final corrections then sent to be printed

For May 12: Present Digital Files for Final Projects

For May 19: Present Final Projects



Stephanie Venegas HW April 7th

Project Title: Infected

Concept: A illustrated survival guide to help through the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Aesthetic Summary: Simple infographic-esque handbook. Illustrations of different kinds of zombies, weapons, and causes of the outbreak. Easy to read handbook for when you’re on the run from a horde.

Art: Vector illustrations of zombies and weapons.

Copy: Four to five chapters: Break down of each kind of zombie, and how to identity them. Weapons. Causes of outbreak. Zombies in pop culture.

References & Inspiration (at least 3-5 sources):


Binding: Perfect binding

For April 7: Finalize concept, begin sketches, distribute responsibilities.

For April 28: finalize sketches, apply them to the layout.

For May 5: make any corrections, send it to the printer

For May 12: Present Digital Files for Final Projects

For May 19: Present Final Projects


shenequa J homework for 4/7

Project Title: The very hungry Caterpillar 
Concept: recreate the children’s  book The Very hungry Caterpillar using fruit and vegetables. we will photograph the recreations and set up the book/layout 

Aesthetic Summary:

Art: photography of fruit and vegetable recreations 

Copy: The actual story text

References & Inspiration (at least 3-5 sources):ImageImage


Substrate: semi glossy paper 
Binding: stitched( blurb binding)
Additional Notes:

Timeline and Objectives:

For April 7: finalize project and give out task to everyone 

For April 28:photographs taken and ready to pass off to the people doing the layouts

For May 5: layouts done and final review before being sent to printer 

For May 12: Present Digital Files for Final Projects

For May 19: Present Final Projects

Daniel Zuluaga HW April 7

Project Title: Zombies!: Everything you need to know about the walking dead.

Concept: This book will explain everything about zombies.

Aesthetic Summary: The book will have a dark scary feeling to it.

Art: We will illustrate images of zombies, andsmall human characters throughout the book.

Copy: This book will be divided into 4 chapters. 1.Different types of zombies. 2.How to survive a zombie apocalypse. 3.History of zombies in popular culture. 4.Different ways a zombie apocalypse could actually happen.


Zombiw Survivalguideimages


Zombiw Survivalguide


Substrate: 20lb dull

Binding: Saddle stitched


April 7: Settle complete on ideas, and contents in each chapter. Divide tasks by group members. Begin sketching and rough drafts.

April 28: All files should be finalized to  begin assembling mockup of book and send files to the printing company.

May  5:

May 12:Present digital files for final projects

May 19: Present Final Project

Final Project Brief hwk for April 7th



Project title : Playing cards / or book  based on mythological creatures and gods from four different cultures.

Aesthetic Summary : our project will be Printed playing cards or a book (to be decided) that will have images based on various mythologies in the world from four different cultures. Each of the four suits will represent a different mythology culture and be illustrated with simple geometric shapes and forms with bright eye popping colors.

Art: Vector and/or hand drawn illustrations

Copy: A brief background description of  creature or god included in the package as a foldable poster that will explain each god followed by the illustrations.

Timeline: about 4 weeks or so 

April 7th : discuss Research and finalization of the concept and to determine a consistent drawing style swell as technique to have a cohesive design.

April 21st : Rough drafts due of the box design or book cover design and of the gods and color pallets.

April 28st: Final draft due for minor changes and or corrections before its sent off for printing

May 2nd: final sent off for Print