ShenequaJ HW for Feb. 3rd

The Book wht is a book written by Paul chan is something I didn’t expect. I expected to see a regular black and white book with size 10 font. Instead I found colorful/busy backgrounds with size 24 font words on each page. I actually am not a fan of the style of this book. It was a bit difficult to read because of the backgrounds were competing with the words. for example the pages with the news paper print in the background.

The content of this book surprised me. with such heavy graphics I would not have expected the text to read so seriously. It’s sort of like sugar and spice. The images were playful and at some points humorious while the content was straight forward and kind of read like a history lesson. I actually don’t see the connection between the text and the images. I feel like there kind of just thrown in there. the book is about “what is a book” just like the title. He starts off with how paper was made and what it was made of then into text and how the printing process became and so on.

There are tons of recent images in the book such as “the friday girl” “charlie sheen” etc. it’s a bit confusing seeing the recent people with such old content. I don’t get the connection. This book also was hard for me to read because I became disinterested in the content and more interested in the images. I don’t think it’s a good ideas to make a book like this in such a way. I don’t believe a printed copy would be any different than the online version. I believe both would be equally bad in my opinion.


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