Angelica Petela, Homework for Feb. 3

My honest opinion about “Wht is a Book” through the text and images can be answered in three responses. Why three? Because I live for the giggles and laughs.

It reminds me of something a high school student would do the night before his five-page report on the history of books is due. Make a serif font 24pts, copy, paste and site the source from whatever book/website the student got the info from. As for the pictures in the background, I could see what they mean (how info traveled through the world or how info changed the world), but it’s too distracting and it could make a page of text look like an abstract piece of artwork. Maybe its too trick the reader to show that there is more text on the page.

The usage of memes seems sporadic and out of place, like if he just used the memes out of his own “funny memes” folder. I kind of understand where he was trying to go with it (look where the invention of paper and the printing press lead us!), but it’s like those teachers that tried to act cool with their students and utters “YOLO” when teaching a lesson on Rasputin.

It’s a bit pretentious, like of I walked into Williamsburg wearing Old Navy or Abercrombie and Fitch. Like it doesn’t want me to understand it or my understanding is not that deep for them. It feels like Pul Chn is going to pop out of my computer screen and scream “You don’t understand my art!” and start to tap dance on my keyboard.

Before anyone that reads this post and thinks I’m being mean or harsh, I’m not. I think it’s a pretty creative book. I probably would not see another one of its kind and good for Pul Chn, being able to publish his work without alterations. Like with everything else in this world, it’s not 100% perfect and people are going to have opinions about it. I feel like it’s more of a novelty item, “Hey guys, I own this awesomely designed book!”


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