Ian Pooran Feb 3

As opened the PDF for Chan’s ” Wht is a book”  i was totally surprised , i thought it was exciting . It was nothing what i expected i thought it would be your typical graphic design book format .

I do then do what i do with every book i have to read i skim through it to check out the pictures. I could not read a lot of the text and being the fact that I was reading it on my Iphone did not help either . A lot of the text got lost in the background being that its printed on old newspapers and maps.

The book is so busy its very hard to read . At first i thought it was just random images and type but then i remembered a lot of the history of print is newspaper and maps , there was some info on the history of print and the printing press also some quotes. I also love the idea of the internet MEME which is never in any printed materials. I read a few pages i could not read the text it gave me a headache.

What i liked about the book is it reminded me of the was i study. I would have a lot of different internet tabs opened all at once while i do my reach. Also i would have something funny or listen to music in the background so i thought the internet meme was a nice touch because every time i study i somehow end up look at an internet meme. The book made me think of our generation and how we have a very short attention span.



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