Homework for February 10

The homework for next week will be based on the first Group Work Session.

Take another look at your notes from the session (which you should have already posted). How do you feel about the ideas that you sketched out? Is it the basis for a really great project? Or are there things that need to be changed? How did the other members of your group feel about the project? Were there any really great suggestions that came out of your discussion? Which of your peers’ ideas for projects were most interesting? Were there any that really inspired you?

Also think about the ability for the group that you were in to complete the projects discussed. Did everyone have a clear idea of their strengths and weaknesses? Were there any areas of knowledge or skill that were severely lacking? Which areas (from our diagram) were the strongest and weakest points for your group? Which areas are your strongest points?

Please write 3-4 paragraphs addressing these questions and post them to our site. (If your responses looks like the ones from last week, you’lll be in great shape!)


One comment

  1. After we split off into our groups, my team and i started brainstorming as to what to create. We first thought of a client, which was one of our team members. After that, built on it. Being that she is the client, we asked her to choose what kind of subject she’s interested in. Street photography, current events in the graphic design world in general.

    We first thought of creating this as a “zine” of some sort. After more discussion we’ve settled on having it from being a monthly newspaper to a weekly newspaper about graphic design. We chose it to be a newspaper because there is so much competition with using a magazine. There are many magazines and having a newspaper would be a more unique medium because it is rarely seen. Not only can it be just graphic design, but also a little bit of everything i.e photography, fine arts, illustration etc.

    Everyone in the group worked very well together, we had ideas coming out left and right. we try to expand our ideas and add more opinions and changes and develop it from our peers

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