Wht is a Book? Feb 3

Wht is a book? More like what did i read? This is by far one of the most interesting, but annoying pieces of writing i’ve ever read throughout my years in college. Although the text provided a lot of information about print, and paper, the overall execution was ineffective in my opinion. It took me effort to understand certain characters and words. I did find the background a little humorous in some occasion, because it was completely irrelevant to the reading. I enjoy the fact the reading touches base on development of paper material, to books, printers etc, but its spread in such a way its difficult to grasp all that information.I don’t can’t say this is a book or text i would recommend to anyone, but it was still an interesting layout. Perhaps the title really describes the execution, on what is a book? Can this be considered a real book? or just something Paul Chan whipped up to sell, or inform.

The form of the of text is odd, i feel most of the writing is taken from multiple searches, yet it isn’t. It’s tone resembles some what of a form of poetry, but it doesn’t give the same feeling of poetry. It’s a difficult read, as mentioned before and the images are the main reason for this. The layout is just odd, i can’t say its wrong because its different, but it is odd. The actual book would be more easier on the eyes, for a number of reasons and also i feel it would be more favorable. The physical copy of this book would allow interest to take a deeper view of the writing and material use on the book. Also unlike a computer there isn’t a constant background light from a screen causing our eyes to become tired and irritated. Is Paul Chan a poor designer, or did he accomplish what he wanted to do, i’m not sure if i like this reading. I can’t say he’s a poor designer from one design and just because it doesn’t appear to me or simply because i don’t understand its meaning.


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