Wing Wat for February 3

Wht is a Book by Paul Chan is a book focusing on the history of print media. After reading the book, I found it’s something I have never seem before. It gives exhaustive information about the history by using hundreds of quotes collected by Chan. Also, the background of pages are nothing like common books. Maps, newspaper, art images anything you can think of as if the author put the text on a random paper.

Another interesting thing of the book is that, it doesn’t really follow the rule of typography. We always try to keep the text legible but Chan did the opposite and it became one of the personalities of the book. Also, rather than a perfect proof-read history textbook, Chan used the tone of the internet language , like “bok” instead of book, “wht” instead of what , “LOL” andĀ hilarious images with jokes to communicate with the generations of Y and Z.

Overall, I think Paul Chan is a really great designer. Considering the way he tried to communicate with readers are really unique and efficient. With very serious content and funny jokes, it’s a book that everyone will find it interesting and yet learn the history of print production.


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