Deicy Cordero HW February 10

During the group work session, we discussed 3 different print ideas and went into detail with 1 of them which was a book of murder investigations of notorious serial killers. The book itself would look like a police file folder with a worn, gritty feel. The text inside would be in the form of a crimal profile with details on the case, weapons & location and would be paired with evidence photos. I think its an interesting idea and something I would want to read myself.

The other members were okay with the idea I believe. After the idea was introduced, we were able to build on it a bit more with regard to the look & content of the book but didn’t go into full detail and assign roles. The other 2 ideas were a seasonal magazine with a collection of “bad” advertisements to serve as both comedy & a guide on “what not to do” and a guide to printers and galleries in new york that are categorized by type, expertise & price.

I’m not sure if we as a group could complete the project since communication was a struggle. We didn’t discuss our strengths or weaknesses and didn’t assign roles. We weren’t entirely sure of the steps and purpose of the assignment or whether it was just an exercise or the start of an actual project. Our weakness lied in our poor communication with one another and misunderstanding of the assignment.

Aside from that, we were able to build on the books’s look and content pretty well. I don’t feel we know much about the reproduction or printing portion of the process though. As far as my strongest points, I feel that I’m good at generating ideas in order to get the ball rolling and look at a project from inside out rather than just basic or vague details.


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