Michael Tutko HW for Feb. 10th

Michael Tutko

It was really hard at first to come up with ideas.  The group collectively agreed that having complete freedom over the project made it difficult to decided on what to do and how to go about it.  Of course, after a while, the ideas started and at least we got the ball to start rolling.  We basically started out with book ideas, and or maps, pamphlets that would fold outward.  Initial ideas were of sport stats and or some kinda map idea.  Another idea that was thrown out there at the beginning was that idea of a zine, no particular topic, but the just that idea of one.

The first ridiculous idea we had was that of  a book of “bookmarks”.  Where one could have an assortment and variation of bookmarks to choose from and pull/tear out of the book for use.  This ideas was also expanded on that it could be a physical book that would be an encyclopedia of website bookmarks, where the page would be a screenshot of the main/home page of the site.  Another idea presented was a book about starting a project you know how to start.  I think these two ideas were definitely strong and have enough to play around with the ideas.

The strongest idea we had was a book about party games, where the games would be located in the book itself.  So the book would be one big game book. Examples are pick up sticks, pin the tail on the donkey, battleship, darts, and more. We realized that this would have to be made from really thick cardboard such as a children’s book, and that it might not even be possible to make as a book as it might end up looking like a box.  We also need to go over more so of the strengthens and weaknesses of each other as we ended up in the whirlwind of ideas once we got the ideas running. So that’ll be on the to-do list to review the flowchart, before we get wrapped up in them crazy and zany ideas again.


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