Ian Pooran Feb 10th

We were assigned a group project in this weeks class . we were put into groups of four . At first it was kind of awkward because we did not know each other and we did not speak to each other for a few minutes , maybe it was because we were grouped together by our astrological sign and people that are Pisces or Aquarius are not that talkative and somewhat shy.  However, we got to know each other a little and then got the ball rolling.

Our group was not entirely sure on what we wanted to produce but we through out some ideas anyway. My first two ideas was the create two Ebooks. The first was a book was an Ebook filled with GIFs . The second Ebook idea I had was a book that our group could start and readers themselves could add on to the story. I wanted it to be a never ending book and the readers themselves would be an author. However, the assignment called for a printed book so both those ideas were scrapped.

Another group member introduced 2 ideas of a seasonal magazine with a collection of “bad” advertisements to serve as both comedy & a guide on “what not to do” and a guide to printers and galleries in new york that are categorized by type, expertise & price. We discussed what type of paper and size the magazines would be . We pin point our target market and the price points for the seasonal magazines as well.

As i was thinking about Chan’s “wht is a book” I came up with another idea for a book. It was a book of murders , not just any murders the worst of the worst kind of murders. I wanted the book to be have a map of the city where the murders happened to give the reader that feeling of “oh that happened in my neighborhood” . The book would be comprised of serial killings , unsolved murders and solved murders but the gruesome or unimaginable of the bunch. I wanted to push the envelop a bit on the way the book would look similar to Chan’s “wht is a book”. The book itself would look like a police file folder with a worn, gritty feel. The text inside would be in the form of a criminal profile with details on the case, weapons & location and would be paired with evidence photos and maybe news paper clippings or any printed press info on the case and whether it was solved or still an open case. The group seemed to gravitated towards my idea of the murder book so we choose that as our project. We discuss what size and what type of paper  to use and the color and theme for the book.

We did not get enough time to discuss on our strength and weakness as designers and what role we would play towards the assignment . We was not sure whether it was a class exercise or an actual project we have to continue so we left it as that . However we did build on the specification of the book and its content really well. I think the hardest part of this assignment was coming up with ideas on the spot. However once we agreed on what book we wanted to produce we got the ball rolling.


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