Stephanie Venegas for Feb. 10th

Once we broke into our groups, we all decided to figure out what each others interests were. After throwing a few ideas around, we narrowed it down to two ideas. The first one was a zine which would mainly be focused on street photography, and street art. The second idea was to create a graphic design newspaper highlighting the design world in New York City.

The newspaper seemed to be the best idea, since none of us have really ever seen such a thing. Majority of the publications out there are magazines, and a newspaper seemed like it would be a really cool idea. We all decided that it would be circulated bi-weekly, and we figured out which materials we would use. The group really didn’t discuss our strengths and weaknesses, we just sort of dove right in and idea’s were circulating right away. I think we touched on at least one topic in each section of the diagram.

Personally, I’ve never designed a newspaper and I’ve also never come across one specifically for graphic design so that would be something I would totally pursue. I think designing a publication like a graphic design newspaper would be a really awesome and interesting experience.


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