Matthew Chin’s homework for Feburary 10th

The group project originally got off on a slow start. There was a lot of tension among us and ideas weren’t circulating too quickly due to a lack of ideas. After bouncing around several random concepts, we decided to settle for a printed book that will be based on American murder and crime scenes. For some time, our group was quiet and progress became rather slow. We were unable to agree on any ideas and struggled to put out a creative concept that we could all agree on. During the second half of the class , the group became much more enthusiastic and productive with our ideas.

During the time spent for the group projected, We developed a strong core concept of American murder and crime scenes. The general feel of the book would be presented in a gritty and dark manner.The cover of the book would be made to resemble a genuine police file case. Each chapter of the book will be centered around a particular american state , a brief history of all its most notorious crime scenes and murderers. Each page will be designed to resemble a collage of news paper clippings , file reports and photographs that are related to the specific murderer or case.
The group activity was an interesting experience. If given the chance to repeat the group project again , I would tried to speak more freely to avoid tension. There were a few times where the group became completely silent and communication came to a complete halt. There was a struggle to work together during some points of the project. By the end of the day, we managed to get a solid concept. However, it still has room for improvement and needs to be worked on.


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