Melissa Kaynas homework for February 10th

For our group discussion one of the ideas we developed upon the most was the idea of a newspaper that would be entirely dedicated to design. We discussed the fact that graphic designing and design art is something that is not so commonly acknowledged and mentioned in the news world, so not to many people especially design student know about the upcoming news in design. Our idea was to create a newspaper that would touch upon the different aspects of design. Each section would talk about the latest designs like publications, illustrations, typography and other designing. It would also touch base on the histories of different design forms such as graphic arts, cooperate identity and other subjects. This newspaper would also introduce new and upcoming design students, like a student spotlight or professor spotlight that would acknowledge hard working students and professors that are moving up in the design world trying to make an impact.

We decided that a newspaper like this would not have to be produced daily as it would be a stressful and tough to provide daily information about the topics we wanted to talk about so we agreed it should be a weekly or bi-weekly newspaper this way there would be enough information to pool from to produce the newspaper. We also talked about perhaps having a bigger issue of the newspaper a the end of the month hat would sum up some the key points of the month reminding people of spotlight events and people, jobs, internships and many other topics.

Overall the group experience was enjoyable. It was really easy to talk with Stephanie, Angelica and Raymond. We each added to the development of the newspaper idea and talked about other topics too which improved our communicating. We all spoke freely no one was really shy or quite which made our group handle the task better. We all cooperated and compromised as a group when we made decisions and ideas for the newspaper. I enjoyed working with my group and I look forward to doing future group work with them.


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