Michael Tutko HW for Feb. 20th

Michael Tutko

Personal Project Brief:

Client: ME
Project Title: Team Misfit McSheamus Reports

This is kinda an expansion of an idea I already had, just making it on a larger scale and decking it out, so to speak.  Basically I have a machinima series on youtube, and for a former school project I created a DVD cover for the shows first season.  Inside the case I decided to print further promotional material and included was an 8 page pamphlet.  I kind of would like to elaborate on this pamphlet further outside of its inclusion of the DVD case.  It’s like promotional material, if your into the show then the pamphlet is a nice physical piece that’ll connect the fans further into the story, by providing additional story material not shown in the show.

Aesthetic Summary:

It would look like an old military report, wrapped up in a folder maybe.  The pamphlet itself might be around 20-40 pages. Some loose pages and clipping included, or attached with paper clips. Also thinking about including a key card with attached with a small metal chain (that be cool).  It would probably be regular computer paper, but I would like to find something that’s old in feeling (Like yellowed paper) but strong enough to print on.  I’d like it to be smaller than 8 ½ x11 but larger than the current version I have which is 4 ½ x 6 ¾.  Or maybe keep it the same size, it really depends on how much content I want to put in.

Art: In game screenshots of sets, characters and areas.  Pictures of anything else relevant.  Don’t think anything would be hand drawn, except for maybe a hand written note or two.
Copy: Booklet would be mostly copy, text affiliated with story elements.
Color Scheme: The color would rely on the paper color/texture itself for the most part, and black and red ink for text.  Maybe some pure white pages with blue copy.
Typefaces and Layout: Agency FB, Stencil, Helvetica, OCR A STD, OCR A Extended .
Visual References:

DSC05979  DSC05980

Dimensions: 4 ½ by 6 ¾ maybe slightly larger.
Page Count: 20-40
Substrate: Computer paper, old computer paper. Slightly worn/ textured paper
Binding: Staples, paper clips
Ideal Print Run: 250
Budget: 150 bucks
Timeline: Probs 2 ½ to 3 weeks, 1st week ideas and writing all that stuff out, 2nd week layouts and such, 3rd week revising and printing
Additional Note: Will make this happen…someday.

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