Wing Wat for Feb 10th

I felt great working with a group. You will get inspired and also inspired others. Our groups started with only a few ideas but after discussion, we found one thing that we can find passion in it- FOOD!. Everyone in our group is foodies and we decided to create a book about targeting tourists in NYC!

We started to analyze what kind of food tourists are looking for and the difficulties they usually faced. In NYC, dealing with traffic is one of the big issue. So we decided to plan a food tour that is easy to commute for the whole day. Then , we found that 1 trains get to most of the tourist attractions and the service is usually normal. We picked 18 stops from 1 train and the book will cover 10 restaurants for each station.

Overall, I think my teammates are very willing to give their options which are very helpful and we worked really well as a team. Everyone spoke freely and there wasn’t any awkward moment. The idea we came out is unique and possibly can be a very good business idea.



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