Deicy Cordero HW Feb. 20

Project Brief

Title: “The Designers Book Of Patterns” , “The Designers Book of Typography”, etc

Summary: A visual reference book for designers/artists with full-scale pages along with matching mini perforated swatches designed to be detached for easy travel, sketching over & “vision board” making. The back of the book will have pages with pockets to slip the swatches in after use, similar to the idea of a collectors book for baseball cards. The slots will either be entirely clear plastic or have a clear/cut out window in order to showcase the swatch for later use.
Each book will focus on one aspect of design including, but not limited to:

  • Patterns
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Typography
  • A particular style with a mixed selection of typography, colors & patterns  **
  • Furniture styles**
  • Forms (with regard to fashion)**

(Each of these categories will be broken down into even more specific types as to not flood each book)

Essentially it is a physical “Pinterest”. While apps & sites like Pinterest are marketed as simple tools that allow you to carry around all of your inspirations and likes, in reality you end up pinning so many items that they end up getting lost and forgotten. In the age of constant change & information, so much is going on in your phone already that having a physical design book is more helpful since it will live there forever not just until you cancel your account, forget your password or close a tab.

Aesthetic Summary: The cover design will be handled as an art piece on its own. Its function will serve as a reference book but it will second as a collectors piece/book shelf decor.

Art: Varies between individual books but each will take up 1 full size page & matching swatch

Copy: no copy, entirely a picture book

Colors: Varies between individual books.

Typefaces & Layout: Both typography and layout will be unique and appropriate to the topic of the book

Dimensions: 6.75 x 9.75 (see “Getting it Right in Print”), swatches: 3 x 3.

Page Count: 200-300pgs

Substrate: Semi-gloss card stock pages.

Binding: Case Bound with a rubber, satin finish bendable cover (see “Forms, Folds & Sizes” Book). This binding will ensure durability, strength & quality, though it will be more costly and take longer to produce.

Ideal Print Run: 5,000 to start first set of 3

Budget: $50,000

Visual References:



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