Ian Pooran Homework Feb 20

Client : Ian Pooran

Project: Fashion Magazine

Summary: The Magazine will feature fashion mixed with some other element for example, one section will feature fashion mixed with technology ( clothing made with a 3d printer) and another section will feature clothing made with recycled garbage.

Aesthetic Summary: The layout of the magazine will feature photography of new fashions and fashion events, articles on whats new and innovative. The layout of the design will varies according to the section that is being featured. For example, fashion and technology will have a very futuristic design

art : The art will be very Photo driven . Conceptual art or prototypes of new and futuristic fashion designs.Photography of fashion events, fashion illustrations.
Page count : 200 pages

type : Futura

Color scheme : Varies

bind : perfect bound
substrate : Glossy Paper

dimensions : 8×10

Visual reference :


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