Project Brief for Jose Benitez, Feb. 20

Project Brief

Client: Jose Benitez
Project Title: Book of Bookmarks (Graphic Design Edition)

     This book will have web bookmarks of resources that will help out Graphic Designers. They already have so many things to remember, so why not make it easier on them. It will be a fold out on each page. At first its folded down and all you see is the URL of the site. Then you unfold it and it will have a screenshot of the homepage displaying the content on that page. Its a graphic designer reference book.

Aesthetic Summary:

It’ll have a soft cover with about 50-100 pages. The pages will be in bright white with full color.

Art: Images/Screenshots
Copy: URL’s
Color Scheme: Black, Blue, and Gray
Typefaces and Layout: Helvetica
Visual References: 

Dimensions: 8×5
Page Count: 100
Substrate: Bright White Paper
Binding: comb-binding
Ideal Print Run: 500
Timeline: 6 weeks


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