Melissa Kaynas HW Feb 20

Client: Melissa Kaynas

Title: MuseMe

Summary: MuseMe will be a book that has numerous DIY creative projects that take ordinary everyday items, that have either lost use or we see as old, and transforms them into new and exciting will be like a book based on Pinterest but better. It will be a do it yourself manual with not just one way to take the old and create new but multiple ideas for the same objects. The ideas in the book Can also be the muses for other individual DIY projects that people create and develop from what they see in the book.

Aesthetic summary: the interior will be in sketch book form with a range from easy to intermediate to advanced projects and it will also be sorted by the type of material used such as glass =>glass jars> glass jewelry > mirrors > etc. and the end of the book will be a section called DIY diary where people can jot down their own ideas and express them in the same format as the book so when they pass on the book to a friend or decide to sell it or tell someone to buy it peoples ideas will constantly be shared and creativity will flow.

Art: the art in this book will be step by step photographs of the projects so that people have a visual aid to go along with the written instructions and suggestions. And real sketches of development from people’s ideas so that the person reading the DIY book can really get inside the mind of the project.

Page count the page count will be about 120 pages out of which 40 pages (back and front) will be dedicated to the DIY diary.

Type: the type faces within the book will be San serif body copy and for the titles and headlines on the book a handwritten font that has a natural creative feel.

Bind: perfect binding so all the pages stay intact and the book has the look and feel of a real creative journal.

substrate: a light card-stock paper something not flimsy that can last over time without being damaged by bending or age.

Dimensions 7.87 X 5.3 about the same size as the ipad mini for easy handling and workability.


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