Angelica Petela’s HW Feb. 24

Title: Terms you may have forgotten
Summary: A small pocket handbook for designers to brush up on their terms and command buttons

Color Scheme: Black and White
Typefaces: San-Serif
Layout: Title, body of text and images of the programs
Dimensions: 2.75″ x 4.25
Page Count: 16
Substrate: 20 lb. bond paper
Binding: saddle-stitch (with 2 staples)
Ideal Print Run: 10
Budget: $0
Timeline: ap. 2 weeks

Hi professor! You’re going to probably kill me when I get into class, but I changed my subject. The new booklet is called “The Darker Tales of Red Riding Hood”, it deals with the more raunchier stories with Red Riding Hood. It’s going to be the same format and style, but more illustrations and stories! The reason why I changed it is because I feel like in graphic design people Are on different stages so I’m going to be screwed if I didn’t put words that follow one another or I’ll be jumping around.


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