Daniel Zuluaga HW Feb 3

HW Feb 3

This reading is about the history of book production. It absolutely hated this piece. I was completely frustrated at some points with the background. It was hard to read words because words would be on top of other words from the background. I dont know why it was presented that way, but nothing should ever be presented this way again. It read somewhat like a newspaper article.

I was curious to why there were so many typos. He constantly spelled “boks” instead of “books.” I ended up googling “officialdom” because i doubted it was even a word. The background honestly made it hard to concentrate on the topic, which was incredibly boring to me in the first place. I couldn’t establish a connection between the background and text.

I think Paul Chan is a better designer than this piece is telling me just because no one can be that bad. I  he probably had a good reason for this, I just fail to see it. I think it looked horrible and was hard to read. The memes were the only good part of this reading. Even though they distracted me a bit, for a couple of seconds, they were an escape to such a bad experience.


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