shenequa J for feb 24th

Project Title: Best Night ever (Drinkers guide for beginners )
Summary:A short guide on the best drinks to order at an event or bar. going from weakest to strongest. What to order at a bar and how much you will need to complete your night.

Aesthetic Summary: ages 21-25 photo album look./scrapbook

Art: Pictures of the drinks and what they are usually served in.
Copy:Description and rattings 
Color Scheme: Black and White
Typefaces and Layout: Sans Serif Type. Century or Helvetica or handwritten front. Layout would be picture of drink on top what’s in the drink on the bottom and ratting at the side 
Visual References:

Dimensions: 2.75″ x 4.25
Page Count: 16
Substrate: 30lb bond paper
Binding: saddle-stitch (with 2 staples)
Ideal Print Run: 20
Budget: $0
Timeline: ap. 2 weeks
Additional Notes:



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