The minizines was a really great hands on project. It helps the placement of your type and images as well as using the correct margins so that no information would be cut off during the cutting process. 

Some things went well some didn’t. I liked how successful the minizine came out. But after cutting off the sides of the minizine, i realized that it had cut off some information. Other than that, it came out really well. After seeing my peers’ minizines, i was inspired to think more out of the box the next time i do a minizine. I was really impressed by everyone else’.

I liked Michael’s minizine. A minizine about snowflakes, and illustrated as if it were a science book. It was humorous and surprising. The part that surprised me was the idea of being upside down due to technical errors. How he used this technical error in his favor.

I also liked Shanequa’s minizine, it provided a party feeling and i like that. I’m not much of a mixer of alcohol myself. I would definitely find this minizine about alcoholic beverages handy if I were to be at a party. It had ample images and it was pleasing to the eye. 



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