The Minizine’s

This project we were able to create a Minizine, and the topic was was completely up to us. The various books were all fun and exciting and the execution for many, including mine could have been more stronger, but that is the artist struggle. Still all and all they were all well created and amazing to explore. For me my top 3 were (not in any particular order of importance)

Allez A Guide to Cycling(Stephanie Venegas), Basic Photography Tips and Tricks (Melissa Kaynas) and the Snowflake one (Michael).

These all appealed to me one way or another. For Cycling i loved the simplicity and the clean execution of the work. It seemed like a small book a store can have to price off there products. I enjoy doing photography work here and there, also i have trouble remembering certain settings for proper photo taking so this book really did provide well basic information photographers should never forget, being a pocket sized tip book is even better. The cover captured (pun intended) my attention and the wording throughout the minizine felt as it i was being spoken to, not told. It was an easy read, but did feel tight squeezed in some areas due to the cuts done. Lastly is the Snowflake, which after reading 1. informed me of the horrors of Santa Claus being a thief and 2. provide me with a good laugh. The books humor is a great way to explore something serious. The minizine almost seems like a survival book but in a more humorous way that provided the reader to have fun along the way.

As for my minizine i was excited to attempt to illustrated artworks based on Tim Burton’s crazy and dark mind that has kept me entertained. After seeing the final print i would like to retouch photos and ensure nothing is cut off the margins. Even though some letters were cut off your still able to read the text, but i can’t help but feel it causes a slight distraction to the reader.  


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