Michael Tutko HW for Mar. 10th

Michael Tutko

I like my zine but there is definite room for improvement. Seldom margin errors, and a few grammatical errors, and a few issues with contrast I feel need to be fixed. Although I also think, my choice in font face could have been better. After all those test runs and then re-arraigning two pages before Xeroxing, I was happy that the upside down effect worked. Because when I initially started on the book, although I had humor in mind it was going to be more scientific looking diagrams, with sarcastic humor. In addition, after finishing most of the pages, I basically took it apart and rearranged it. Originally, I had more macro shots of snowflakes, which were awesome photos, but I really couldn’t leave the groundhogs out of the book because come on… Groundhogs, what’s not to love or hate….

I really liked all the zines, having all of them in a pile together as a cohesive collection is really cool. They all covered a wide range of different topics as well as design layouts. A couple I liked were, Melissa’s “Basic Photography Tips and Tricks”, Andrews, Tim Burton themed zine, Deciy’s “Bith of a Logo zine” , and Stephanie’s “Allez”. By far, I think the best layout was Melissa’s “Basic Photography Tips and Tricks”. It had SO MUCH information, and it was relevant and easy to understand. The design was also really well done, and it flowed and felt just like what it’s meant to be, a tiny pocket guide. It also gives off the appearance of something that can be scaled to a larger readable format

Andrew’s illustrations were awesome and definitely in the Tim Burton spirit. Even though I liked all the drawings, I especially liked the few pages in the back of the book where he made excellent use of negative and positive space to construct words in objects, like the one that says “Smile” in the teeth. It also has a story like style to it, as the pages are set where each one relates to the next. In Stephanie’s bike shop zine I really liked the clean vector bike images and the how simple the design was. And In Deciy’s zine although I’m not a fan of logo making, I really liked how the entire zine was like a sketch book with captions. And the font used for the captions was great, because it fit in well with the hand written scribbles of the sketches. I always love looking at other’s sketchbooks, and I find a lot of more personal work and initial concept more fun than the final piece. It also reminds me of how my sketchbook is gathering dust… that needs to change.

Chris’s zine reminded me of the making those water bombs years ago, and I never knew what they were actually called. To me they were just the next step up from paper airplanes. I also like how the zine about the most disliked fonts ever, had humor written within its historical context, such as on the Lucida Hand and Bradley Hand entries. Also Safiyyah’s double page spread of the peacock was awesome, because that image is so fitting for the center spread of a book, and even in black and white the peacock’s tail feathers create a sick pattern. … after staring at it too much it begins to look like some kinda of religious imagery. But overall, I enjoyed the content of each and every zine.


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