Anna Norris HW for March 10th

My minizine developed  the way I wanted. However, it wasn’t my initial idea. In the beginning I wanted to create a shoe journal.  After, I started to put images together I changed the idea and decided to make a 4 months calendar (for spring semester months). I thought it  would be more useful. Also, I put different quilts to make it more interesting. I wanted to have an abstract look and make it look like a notebook. 

 The most difficult part was the size of the book. I haven’t had experience in designing for such a small size layout and I didn’t want to overwhelm the book with a lot of text and too complicated of a background or images. However, after the book was printed  I realized that I can play more with text and images. To improve my book I will defiantly put more text and images and fill it out more. Also I will work on design of the cover more.

 Indeed, it was an interesting experience. I really liked the design  ideas of all the classmates.  I think  each book is very unique and interesting. It was fun look to look at each one.  Also, I found a lot of useful  information in everyone’s project. 


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