Ian Pooran HW March 10th

The minizine project was a really hands on and creative project. We got to chose almost anything to do our project on which is good and kind of difficult because it was hard to narrow down my ideas. I ran into a few problems to a few design problems when printing the zine . One of the biggest issues I ran into was the layout size. My margins were not properly set up which caused various problems with the folding of the booklets.

another issue i then had was centering my illustrations on the their respective pages. Then after, i had issues with flipping my images because some came out upside down once printed. Without the proper margins, the finished minizines ended up folded in a  incorrect size. I then had to cater for my printer’s page feed. I then had my mini zine ran through the photo copy machine then i had a problem with my images bleeding through the page which gave it a very interesting look.  Even after cutting the booklets,alot of the edges were uneven and the minizines still greatly differed in sizes. I ended up printing about fifteen minizines just to get it right and even then it was not perfect .

All of my classmates did an impressive job on their projects. However,  my favorite minizines was “The photography instruction book.” Its core concept was a basic and easy step by step on how to take a decent photography . Even though i took a some photography i do have problems finding the right ISO and F-Stop settings so this zine was appealing to me. The second minizine was the book about “how to mix drinks” . It was a book about alcoholic beverages and its contents. the book even a page on how to cure hang overs. My first thought was , “hey they should make an app for that”.

Overall, the minizine project was a very interesting project that I would like to try again in the future. It opened my eyes in book making as I had no prior experience before this project . We got hands on experience on working the cutters and had a glimpse into the printing process.


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