Safiyyah Abdullah HW for Mar. 10th.

My Minizine came out just as planned, design wise. I like the design of my cover giving examples of patterns that are in the book. The text was well played with the photos, the photos are clearly visible and the patterns are identical to the actual animal/insect. There were more technical issues than the design process. After printing, the words are at the edge of the book, the patterns aren’t centered as planned and some of the photos were cut off. However, thats all in the process of designing and printing a book.

I have thought of other ways to make my Minizine visually fun and interesting to read. I would have played more with the patterns like covering the entire page with it to symbolize camouflage between the pattern and the animal instead of having a swatch pattern centered. Although, negative space is a good thing. I enjoyed creating this book, I put a lot of thought into it and even myself I learned things I never knew about animals. I wish I thought of Michael’s smart and creative idea, a flip book.

There were some Minizine books that caught my attention. “Best Night Ever”, which had some of the drinks I never tasted but always wanted to. By looking at the ingredients I now can make them myself and I wouldn’t have to worry about driving. Also, I like “Celebrity Quotebook”, some of the quotes are humorous and the others are about life. The design with type is clearly visible through these quotes. Another, “Hi, Bye, Thx” I find it so cool to read. I can finally answer hi, bye, thanks in different languages for fun. I like that there are photographs that represents each language and how to pronounce each word.

Overall, I enjoyed every Minizine. There are different things I can do by reading these books. I have a 4 month calendar, alcoholic drinks, a book about snow, famous quotes, photography tips, how to make weed (WHICH I WILL NEVER DO), water bomb, make a logo, etc. It’s amazing how much information can fit in a small book.


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