Shenequa J homework for March 10th

I enjoyed this project. At first I wasn’t that interested because I never had an interest in making a book. As I began to work and think of ideas I began to like it.I could have used this type of book when I turned 21 I was lost! I wanted to make something that people could actually use and I think I succeeded.

The difficulties I had was with minizine was the printing. The printer I printed on didn’t have bleed so I lost some information. The copy machine messed up my placement, so my folds were a tad off but everything mostly worked out well. No information was cut off. I really had fun with the designing the book and wanted to give it a party feel. People say don’t judge a book by the cover but let’s be honest we do, So I wanted to make my cover reflect the content to draw everyone in.

I enjoyed reading my classmates minizine, I also showed them to my sister and she thought they were cute and funny especially the quote and font book. There was a lot of useful information in some. I could see myself using some of the books for references. Such as the photography, logo and language book. Im not that good at the photography tricks so this will be a big help.


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