Matthew Chin Homework for March 10th

The minizine project was a bit confusing for me. Although I was able to get the concept i wanted for the book, I was unable to fully finish the design and would’ve liked spending more time on the project.  Being the first time I worked on such a format, I ran into a few problems to a few design problems when printing the book. One of the biggest issues I ran into was the layout size. My margins were not properly set up which caused various problems with the folding of the booklets. Without the proper margins, the finished minizines ended up folded
in a  incorrect size. Even after cutting the booklets,alot of the edges were unevenand the minizines still greatly differed in sizes.

One of my favorite minizines was “Animal patterns.” Its core concept was the showing of various animals and textures of associated with them. The magazine had a simple lay out with each page being divided between image and text. Each of the images  would feature the fur texture of a certain animal. The text accompanying the image contains fun facts related to that specific animal. The layout for  “Animal Patterns” was simple but effective.

Overall, the minizine project was a very interesting project that I would like to try again in the future. It opened my eyes in book making as I had no prior experience before this project. It was enjoyable to see the concepts and designs of other books in the class.


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