Melissa Kaynas Hwk for March 10th

For our first project I think the minizine project was a great way to introduce the class to the development and the process that a book actually goes through. I enjoyed doing this project because I always found it hard to form the layouts of the pages and assemble a book. I think my minizine (basic photography tips and tricks) turned out great I wanted it to be a useful little tip book that the class could use in real life situations. The way I came up with my idea was based on my own experiences about photography. Before I was always unsure about the camera settings and I would become frustrated when I would shoot photos so it’s idea instantly came to me, since it was going to be a mini book people could whip it out when ever they needed it. For my designing I wanted it to have a hand written design and feel almost like a journal and the contents of the book to have a conversation like tone. The hardest time I had was arranging the pages in Indesign as the class can probably tell because one of my pages is upside down (apologies for that guys). I also wish that I had put more margin space incase the paper cutter would cut off more then I thought it would which it did on a few pages but the content is still legible. Overall I think I did a pretty nice job and I hope my mini book will be put to good use.

From my classmates work I really enjoyed quite a few of the little books. I liked Andrew Quinteros minizine I saw that he had hand done all the work in it and it shows. His drawings and quotes made me smile and laugh.i think he did a really nice job in capturing Tim buttons style and creating his own work out of what inspired him. Another mini book I enjoyed was the hi bye thx book. Thought it was a cool idea and it is very useful I was actually practicing some of the languages it’s also a very useful book. I also enjoyed the birth of a logo book it was a great experience to read about the way a logo was produced and all the steps that she went through it was like being in her head as she was designing and I like the way she went about designing each step. And the last mini book I enjoyed was the animal patterns book it was very interesting and taught me some facts I never knew about why animals are the way they are. It was very informative and I like the quote in the bak of the book.

This was a fun project and a nice way to see how everyone thinks and to get a feel for their personalities as well. As the professor sis before now we have a mini library of our own.


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