Andrew Quintero March 17 Are you addicted? The first step to a new YOU!

Project Title: Facebook Addiction, have you updated your status?

Summary: A unique comical/helpful style book about the horrible addiction of Facebook and how to fight back. The hardest part about this is how to get someone to stuck on their phone to read the book.

Aesthetic Summary: It would grasp on the almost placing the layout of a computer into a book. Placing meme and other information based design to grab the readers attention to have them engage into the book. The sections of the book would go from very humorous to more serious as the read goes deeper into the read. Introducing themselves to there problem slowly.

Art: The Book would include information spread out almost like a facebook page and have unique images of data graphics. Also include images such as meme since these are what have become popular in this age.

Copy:  The copy would be inside the facebook deisgn layout to give the reader the feeling of being on the internet, but with a more hands on twist and feel. Various bullet points and helpful links will be included in the book, so that if the reader does want to visit a site hopefully it will be to one of our sites.

Dimensions: 5 3/4 x 8 3/4

Page Count: 150- 200 pages
Substrate: Semi gloss paper 
Binding: Perfect
Ideal Print Run: 10,000
Budget: 100,000
Timeline: 1 year

Additional Note:


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