Michael Tutko HW for Mar. 17th

Mid-Term Project Brief of a Project Brief:

Client: Print Production Class
Project Title: Cats vs. Dogs/ Cats V Dogs
Summary: A comical book about cats vs. dogs comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of both.  Its pages would be stylized as info graphics comparing real and nonsensical data for entertainment purposes.

Aesthetic Summary: It would be a based heavily on info graphics, containing the likes of charts and diagrams with percentages and such.  It was also have vector based illustrations and flat colors and shapes of cats and dogs and specific species of them. Everything page would take a few colors from the overall color scheme, to organize it.  Lots of charts would be in double page spreads and or continue throughout the book. With the large paper size, images would be big and lots of room would be taken up. 

Art: The Book would mostly be images. These images would all be vector shapes, graphs and illustrations. They would be flat shapes and colors, arrange for clarity and simplification.

Copy:  The copy would be in justified boxes skewed to adjacent diagrams and graphic data.  It would also be more of headlines and labels describing what exactly the data the reader is looking at is. Body text as well as Headlines and sub-heads would all be sans serif fonts.
Color Scheme: Clean white pages, some might be also colored from the pallet, Oranges, blues, turquoise, greens, reds, possible yellows. Between being a pastel and that of the true color. No gradient’s would be present, and patterns would only be that of solid color shapes.
Typefaces and Layout: Sans-serifs very clean cut fonts. (No specific ones chosen yet)
Visual References: (Google image search, “Dog/Cat infographs; infographics”

Dimensions: 12×15 (Maybe slightly smaller)
Page Count: 60-100 pages
Substrate: Coated (semi-glass) paper
Binding: Glue, saddle stitch.
Ideal Print Run: 20,000
Budget: 10,000
Timeline: 1 year

Additional Note:


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