Ray Luong HW March 17

Project Title: Marijuana


Marijuana has been around for many centuries. Cannabis is illegal under Federal law, but some states allow medical cannabis. People have grown and cultivated throughout time. There are thousands of different strains of marijuana. Cannabis can be smoked but the use of cannabis has developed, therefore introducing different mediums for cannabis such as edibles, liquids, and pills.

Aesthetic summary:

There will be a lot of text. Pictures and infographics as well as a grid layout. Each page would feature a popular strain of marijuana and it would be labeled which strain it was. This also includes a sample a of scratch -and-sniff infographic card of a strain of marijuana describing the medicinal effects it provides. The card will also have the positive effects such as eupphoric, energetic, happiness feelings. But also includes the negative effects like dry mouth or dry mouth or dizzyness.


This book will feature many strains of marijuana


This book features information of popular strains of marijuana such as medicinal effects, positive and negative effects.

Color scheme: Green, dark green, black, yellow, orange

Typefaces: San serif fonts

Layout notes: Magazine Layout

References: The High Times, Vice, Leafly.com, Red Eye.




Dimensions: 11 x 17

Page count: 60-100 pages

Substrate: semi glossy paper

Binding: saddle stitch

Ideal Print Run: 20,000

Budget: 10,000

Timeline: monthly


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