Deicy Cordero HW March 17

prohibition punch_logo_color

Project Title: “Prohibition Punch – Quality with a Kick!” Sampler set

Concept: Prohibition Punch is a company I created that sells mixed drinks that are designed as if they were produced in the prohibition era. For this asignment, I will create a sampler set to introduce this company to consumers. The printed product will be a booklet that explains the companys background, location & websites as well as the other flavors they have to offer and the sizes they come in. Aside from the booklet, the set will include a sample of a punch (for example: “Boston Bellini”), a straw & the gift of a wooden coaster. Holding all of these products will be a dark red, rustic wooden crate.

Aesthetic Summary:

Book: Vintage cardstock mini book with side stitch binding in brick red thread & a cork texture spine . On the cover will be the logo & tagline.

Packaging: The box would be unfinished wood that I will stain unevenly with a dark red or oxblood stain & then sand slightly with sand paper. The box would be filled with tissue paper to act as padding for the jar inside. The box, jar & coaster will feature the logo using stamps & stencils to add to the homely feel of it. The look of the logo & layout will mimick moonshine packaging & typography of the 20s.


masonjar 2cdb0a2fa01827f802ea9905a6e6aa51 - Copy

Copy: The only heavy copy would be found in the booklet, which will include:

  • Background info on company, origin, location & website
  • Ingredients on the particular punch (it will be a more “fancy” punch with ingredients like mint leaves, sage, cilantro, fruit preserve, etc that will appeal to not just men but women)
  • The other punches they have to offer (name & main ingredients) – drinks ingredients & names would be inspired by different locations (The Manhatten, Mississippi Moonshine, Cali Cosmo, South Carolina Screwdriver, Southern Whiskey Sour, Seattle Sea Breeze, Boston Bellini)
  • The sizes they come in (5 oz pack of 10, 1 Liter, 3 Liter, 1 Barrel)
  • Collectable postcard/reply back card

Color Scheme: 

color pallete 2 - Copy


bebas neau birds of paradise

Layout Notes:

image - Copy

References & Inspiration:
concepts-nike-sb-lobster-dunk-1 - Copy olive and castano soy candle - Copy

(LEFT: Nike SB Lobster Sneakers, RIGHT: Olive & Castiano Candle Box)

Dimensions: (4) 5.5 x 4.25

Page Count: 16

Substrate: 60 lb grainy khaki colored cardstock paper

1. saddle stich (4) 4 pg sigatures
2. glue cork on spine (½ in)
3. side stich bind with staples
4. remove staples & replace with brick red thread

Print Run: 50,000

Budget: $250,000 (including entire package)


prohibition punch_bookletprohibition punch box mockup



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