Melissa Kaynas March 17th hwk, Mid-term project proposal


collapsable camera pod / pen

collapsable camera pod / pen

pain light to resolve pain of the body

pain light to resolve pain of the body

roll up Pen phone

roll up Pen phone

Project title: Should’a, Could’a, Didn’t: Book of Concept Gadgets

Concept: There are millions of ideas out there that people develop everyday. If you have ever came across these concepts and thought “whoa how cool is that!”  “Why doesn’t it exist?” “It should”. Then this book would be perfect because it will break down the ingenious ides and concepts people have and explain what went wrong or why it didn’t make it. This is a book about different concepts of remarkable technologies, that didn’t make it through to the production phase.

Aesthetic summary:  The book will consist of premium white glossy paper and be 5.5 X 8.5. it will have the look and appearance of an actual production proposal. With a color scheme of blue and green hues with a futuristic approach on the design. This book will contain completed vectors, sketches, illustrations, and photoshop works of the concepts that inventors, designers and techs have come up with. As for the copy of this book it will contain the details of those concepts such as the dimensions the different choices and colors of the product as well as a description of how and why the concepts should have been produced and sold how they could have actually produced it and why it did not make it to production phase. For the titles and page headlines type face it would have to be modern and crisp so a futuristic san-serif type face is more along the lines of the style this book would perceive to people (TBA). for the body type face a simple easy to read serif font that is easy on the eyes (TBA).

Layout notes : the layout will be an alternating layout based on the photos per page and the text about the concept. it will have a photo in the middle of a page that will be diagramed off with the good parts about the design and bad parts and then the other page of the spread will describe in detail the should’a could’a and didn’t parts.


Page count: 60 pages

Substrate: semi gloss paper for a nice look feel and touch to the book.

Binding: Saddle stitched [hardcover with pages sewn in]

Print Run: about 300

Printing facility:

Budget: $10,000

Additional notes: Jacob Javits center hold a yearly expo about inventions and gadgets. So this book would have the potential to work with the Javits center tying in their expo and upcoming technologies with our book. This way they would sell it at the expo for people who are interested. Which would maybe perhaps make them want to rethink or recreate one of the concepts and launch it themselves.

Timeline: 1-2 years


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