Safiyyah Abdullah Midterm Project, March 17.

Project Title: History of U.S. Paper Money Design Brief
Concept: U.S. Bill designs has grown rapidly throughout the course of history. The first paper money printed in the U.S. was in 1862. People have replicated bills in the past and today that still exists. This book provides a detailed history of old, new and counterfeit bills from when it all began.

Aesthetic Summary: The layout of this book will be on a set column grid that will have images and text together. There will also be a spread of a bill with information explaining each parts.

Art: This book will contain images of real old, new and counterfeit bills. Also, include photos of high currency bills that are rare to find.



Copy: This book will have answers to questions and give valuable information about when it began, who and why bills changes throughout time. Also, how do people counterfeit paper money and how to check if it’s fake or not.

Color Scheme: Light green, Dark green, Tan, Black

Typefaces: Times New Roman for the Body Copy, Algerian font for Headlines and Titles.

Layout Notes: 4 column grid (undecided)

References & Inspiration (at least 3-5 sources):

1) Museum of American Finance

2) Standard catalog of U.S. paper money

3) Paper money of the U.S.

Dimensions: 11 X 6.5
Page Count: 100 pages
Substrate:  Regular paper
Binding: Stitching
Print Run: 1,000 copies
Printing facility: Sound Publishing Inc.
Budget: $30,000


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