Stephanie Venegas HW for March 17

Project Title: Brew
Concept: Everything you need to know to become a craft beer nerd, and/or coffee snob. From recipes to home brewing instructions, this guide will teach you all the basics about coffee and craft beer, stereotypes included.

Aesthetic Summary: a simple guide made with kraft paper, and hemp stitching. simple hand drawn illustrations of each drink, with a hipster feel to it.

Art: hand drawn illustrations, and maybe text.

Copy: name of the type of beer and coffee, recipes, and instructions for brewing.

Color Scheme: Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 1.40.58 AM

Typefaces: Sans Serif, and Script.
Layout Notes: illustrations on the left, description/instructions/history on the right
References & Inspiration (at least 3-5 sources):

IMG_2896 IMG_6995 WesAnderson_CaseSpotUV_5_24.indd twineStich

Dimensions: 4 x 4
Page Count: 16 pages
Substrate: kraft paper
Binding: twine sewn stitch
Print Run: 500
Budget: 2,000


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