Angelica’s HW for March 31st

I really enjoy all the projects that my classmates showed. I really liked the 1920’s mixed drinks set up. It was pretty creative and totally fun looking, like I would probably do the drinks. They should have included the Green Fairy or Moonshine. I also liked the other side of Times Square. People are just used to the innocent shining lights of Times Square, not the hidden gritty parts. Maybe they should open up a tour line and have it used as a point of reference.


I picked my old Graphic Design history textbook (Megg’s History of Graphic Design). Due to me liking history and seeing pretty pictures of designs, future and the past. The binding is just regular textbook binding. There’s no pop out pictures or tear out sections, it’s just a normal book. I can design something like this, but I don’t think many people would like it, due to history being a boring subject for most.




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