Anna Norris HW for March31


I like all projects from last class. I think, all design briefs were completely unique and interesting . Also, each group beautifully expressed their ideas in each of their brief designs.
This weekend I saw the book, that struck me and immediately grabbed my attention. First thing that really appeal to me that is the title-” Humans of New York”. The book illustrates photos of people in New York. The photographer Brandon Stanton,combined photos that he captured on the street, in trains, parks. The book has more than four hundred portraits of New Yorkers. Each photo pairs with quote and stories.
The cover includes different size images, that combine and look like one image. The cover is so inviting, you just want to hold the book and glance what is it inside. Each page has different layout and san-serif typeface. It made from mat think paper and size is 7.5″-9.5″. Also, it is very heavy and does not have page numbers that makes more unique.
The book has overwhelmed with colorful, fun images that portraits personalities and uniqueness that New York city has. I am not sure that I like the most as the design of the book, their layout, or all images and remarkable stories. Each photo has difference point views, portrays character of the person and has a great quality

. ImageImage



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