Chris Brady- Homework March 31

One of the inspirational ideas I had from the presentations this week was the idea of using different folds to tell a story, like they did in the Cats vs. Dogs book. I have some very long and narrow panoramic shots that I have had trouble placing in the context of a book, because of there size. Deny and Michael’s method of off-set page staggering,  and the use of folds to tell the story gave me an idea for laying out my pictures and possibly unclogging my writers block.

I also found the marijuana cards to be an interesting project, although I wouldn’t release seven hundred at once. Instead I would make it more like a “Strains of the Month Club” and add in more editorial, review and research. They also are begging for info-graphics on the back of each card and could display strength and symptoms in a easy to read format.

The ad book would be a worthy cause, but it would have to involve much more critique and classification, as well as access and permission to comb through advertising agency vaults for content. The only draw back is that in order to critique work you must have some standing to be credible in the marketplace, so taking on a project like this would involve finding credible voices to contribute to the project.

I found all the presentations good in some way or another. All of them had their positives and unique insights. When I need inspiration, one of my favorite people to turn to is Alexey Brodovitch. These are some images for a large, pocket size book of layouts that I carry around with me sometimes.

Alexey-Brodovitch-01 Alexey-Brodovitch-04 Alexey-Brodovitch-05 Alexey-Brodovitch-03 Alexey-Brodovitch-07 Alexey-Brodovitch-10 Alexey-Brodovitch-11 Alexey-Brodovitch-02


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