Deicy Cordero HW March 31

I was really interested in Stephanie & Andrew’s “Brew” guide & Michael & Deny’s “Cats vs. Dog”. I like that they came up with creative solutions in order to make their works stand out.

With regards to “Brew”, I enjoyed everything about it – the layout, logo, font choice, paper and most of all, the fact that it was all folded rather than bound. The paper they used made it feel as though it were an actual booklet at a cafe/restaurant/etc rather than a hypothetical brief. The folded aspect makes it look more homely and crafty, which lends itself to the topic of the booklet and the logo. I would love to read the actual booklet if I had the option to.

“Cats vs. Dogs” peaked my interest on many levels. First of all, I love statistics and infographics. I’m more visually inclined, so it’s easier for me to understand information when its drawn out rather than verbally explained or written out. The visuals they made were creative, especially taking a step further and making the book contents into an infographic rather than writing a paragraph about it. I was also immediately impressed by the choice in binding & cutting. They used the idea of “vs” in the design by literally dividing the cover in half. Lastly, I love dogs and minimalistic illustrations, so they basically had me at hello.

After seeing these briefs, I wish I had thought of a more creative way to bind/fold my booklet. I would’ve also made different choices with layout in order to make the information flow better and using a nice vintage looking, gritty paper to enhance the overall experience.

The book I chose for inspiration was “The Big Poster Book of Hindu Deities” with 12 removable prints by Sanjay Patel, whose an animator and storyboard artist at Pixar. The flat, geometric style of illustration he used and the bright colors are what caught my eye. Inside, the book comes with 2 sided posters, one side with the illustration and the other side with he concept sketch and some information on the deity. The packaging includes the perfect bound book of posters and a folder in which the books back cover is glued onto. I can definitely see myself creating something similar because its in the same style I use for vector illustrations and I’m a fan of anything colorful. This idea of a poster book with information on the back can apply to any category since its so open. As far as the feeling of the book, its made of a very smooth thin cardboard material and the poster pages are a thick card stock.

The-Big-Poster-Book-of-Hindu-Deities-Patel-Sanjay-9781452102801-e1318974053858 20140330_233422529_iOS hindudeitiesposter




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