Ray Luong HW MARCH 31

Many of the mid term projects were very interesting in their own ways. The part that i looked forward to the most was how everyone’s book was folded. Every project came in different folds, shapes and sizes. The way they designed the interior of their books were also interested because of the way they positioned it and their use of the space. The ideas themselves were great ideas in the first place. I really liked the way “Brew” was folded, i didn’t expect it to be folded like that. After seeing everyone’s projects, it really inspired me to think more outside of the box with the design of the book and the interior.

After presenting and taking questions and constructive criticism from my peers, i did want to change some things. Without the help of the questions, there wouldn’t be any better ideas coming along. One question was about the smell since all the cards are in one box. That helped me come to the conclusion of having them packaged instead of all in one box.

I chose GD USA. This free monthly magazine comes with a whole bunch of ads and design awards. Flipping through this magazine inspires me because there are so many designs and there are also paper samples to touch and feel as well. As a designer, i like to see all sorts of designs. Every month, the magazine usually features award winning design services such as packaging design, web design and more. There are also many ads for paper, and printing services as well. ImageImageImage


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