Andrew Quintero HWK March 31st

For project 2 the ideas were different in unique and amazing ways. The working process on BREW the project Stephanie and I worked on was a great experience and overall was satisfied with the execution. The communication was constant and we weren’t afraid to do something a little. Overall it was a fun and well experience group work. As for the other projects through out the presentation we saw multiple works that were amazing and well thought of. The first one for me in Money project, the execution was great and the use of color /material to match the dollar bill gave it an overall great feel and experience. I felt after seeing that presentation BREW could have included something extra to wow the audience, but i also feel we did the same idea for specific material because it provided everyone to have an idea on a cafe or bar experience.

The second presentation was the cat vs dog info graphic brief. The coolest thing about this presentation was the presidential feeling of cats v dogs it gave off. The use of color was well chosen and the info graphics were easy to understand and read. Another unique approach was the opening of the brief, it was different like our choice to have BREW fold open and become a poster guide to drinks, we wanted the reader to enjoy the brief, which is what i think they went for as well. Give the readers some fun with information.

ImageImageThe images above is a publication that includes various works of photographers. The book is perfect bounded and has a semi gloss texture feel to each page to provide the photos high quality in my opinion. I look at this book and can view it as a great way to display works of art and also make a self portfolio display as well. I can image works of illustrations with name, small description and other information that may be provided. I love the overall feeling of the book and it also makes for great reference material. The book also plays well in using white space in each pages and give it a more opening feeling on the work of photography your viewing. The size is decent, but gives off a small magazine feeling made with better quality. The simplicity of the book is the main concept i love/enjoy the most.


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