Ian Pooran HW March 31

All the midterm presentations were really great and some stood out more than the others just because of common interest or great execution. The ones that really caught my eye were The different US Bills and the Brew guide .  Both topics are something everyone can definitely relate to and on top of that its everyone’s poison. The US notes were used in the design of the book and kept the color scheme which i thought was really unique from the other books and we all deal with money in one way or the other.

The History of the US Bills with the deign brief being the shape of what a normal bill was well thought out  .  The choice of paper even match their concept, which is a great way of connecting it. There was one idea that came to mind when I was talking to Andrew their design brief. When they presented their ideas it was informative also and they brought in real money that show the various US notes that were once in circulations .

I also liked The “brew ” concept and whats your poison i thought it was really creative and i really liked the texture of the design. I really liked how it was folded. Then there was the scratch and sniff cards concept with the marijuana plants. Their design brief was really well designed and very clean and minimalistic. However i kind of wanted to be more bigger, i wanted it to be a magazine or a health magazine with scientific facts like a science journal and maybe carry ads for different marijuana types. Also maybe the scratch and sniff cards can be a pull out page like they have for perfumes in those fashion magazines.

I found some really inspirational books in the bookstore and i even found an artist that i really admire. I always seen these pop art comic book paintings but i never knew who the artist was. The artist name is Roy Lichtenstein. I also found a book about some bloody murders that happened in NYC which was similar to one of my ideas that i had in a previous assign in our class, the murder book even had a warning label which mean i had to open it of course.  The book is a book of photography of some really violent crimes and some of them had exerts from the newspaper which was really intense. Another book caught my eye was a book of tshirts design.  It had some really cool and unique designs. I also saw a book That had New york and the nyc art scene.  it had all the different art galleries and some public art still on display now, it even had where the artist once lived or their art studio address.

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1



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