The midterm presentations were all great and some stood out more than the others just because of common interest or great execution. The two that really caught my eye were The History of US Bills and the Brew guide to coffee and beer.  Both topics are something everyone can definitely relate to and on top of that its everyone’s poison. Life would be nothing without getting that lovely green paper at the end of the week to have to go spend it on some great beer, but that’s besides the point.

I enjoyed the concept behind The History of US Bills with the deign brief being the shape of what a normal bill would be. Then even the choice of paper was thought through to match their concept, which is a great way of connecting it. There was one idea that came to mind when I was talking to Andrew their design brief. He had mentioned it reminded him of a bond and thats when I thought it should be wrapped around just like one of those bank documents to keep it enclosed to give it more of the feel like you’re dealing with money. The thing that put the icing on the cake for them was that they actually brought in the bills to shows us in person how they have changed over the years. Safiyyah was the perfect body guard, protecting Daniels money like that.

The Brew design brief nailed it. I always need a guide to what beer I’d like to get when going to a bar. I’m not a big fan of coffee so it doesn’t appeal to me, but it does to every New Yorker, its their crack and they must have their fix to get through the day. And I guess its somewhat the same when it comes to beer because its something that can help relax a person at the end of a long day of work. Anyways, its great how they thought outside the box with the unfolding of the brief instead of having it bounded with two staples to the back. It made it more interactive to have to unfold the brief and the poster on the back was visually pleasing. The paper making a connection to the product was great thinking.



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