Matthew Hw March 31st

I greatly enjoyed listening to all the in-class presentations  and all of them had remarkable creative concepts. The in-class presentation that left the greatest impression on me was Andrew and Stephanie’s “Brew” guide design brief. I believed that their design was done very well and the final product was true to its concept. The most fascinating part of their design was both the brown paper stock that they used and the way they utilized the folds of their design brief to have a poster in the back. It was visually engaging and informative at the same time.

Looking back at the works of my class mate, I realized the concept for my project was underdeveloped and too broad.If I had another shot at the project, I would’ve changed the whole Design layout fold. I would also refine my design brief concept(60’s ad book) so that it wouldve been less broad.

When I get frustrated or is in need of a source of inspiration, I usually go through “DESIGN BY NATURE” by Maggie Macnab. This book is compilation of works done by various designers. The book is divided into 9 different chapters which focus on a specific topic related graphic design. Each page features an artist, a compilation of their works and their design method related to the current chapter. This book offers both helpful and inspirational advicebanner DesignByNature_03 DesignByNature_sagmeister



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