Michael Tutko Hw for March 31st


I thought the Mid-Term presentation all when well, the class spent a lot more time discussing them than I thought. Every project was interesting as they were all different but, the tech magazine, the brewery, prohibition punch, and dollar bill all had something extra going for them. I also like how everyone’s “project” was different, not one team had the same set up as another. The brewery project was cool because of how it was stylize as a map/ info-graph, which was really awesome. And the prohibition punch was cool because it went further than just the publication, into more of a promotional kit.


One publication I find interesting is this mail in kit I used get when I was little. It was for this binder of dinosaur stuff, I mean what’s more hype than dinosaurs. Anyway It’s a binder with sheets of paper inserted into it and each “sheet” varies as a fold out booklet, small map, or 3 fold page. Therefore, the “book” isn’t just standard pages and keep it interesting to look at, beside the sick illustrations of dinosaurs. The pages have nice weight to them and are glossy, to help le the pictures stand out. It also has these cool cardboard like pages in the back that contain 3-D pictures which need be viewed with 3-D glasses.


Another book I find interesting is this little note book I bought at a staples one day while printing. I really like a book that’s big enough to use but small enough for my pocket. And although it’s just a notebook, I really like how it’s made. With this soft fabric cover, a strap to keep it closes, and a cloth bookmark attached to the spine. The pages I got are slightly discolored and have a smooth grain, but it definitely has some texture to it compared to standard computer paper.

DSC06165 DSC06166 DSC06167 DSC06168 DSC06169


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