Shenequa J homework March 31st

I like all the briefs that were presented in class last week. everyone had different formats and folds that worked for there topic. I enjoyed “This History of money” I’m not really interested in money design but their presentation made me interested. The way the design of money changed over the year is interesting. I love how they designed their design brief and made it the shape of the money, and it had the feel of it also. Another favorite was the “Weed” one. the subject isn’t something i’m interested in but the way it was designed and how their idea played out worked well. I like the idea of the little weed cards so you know what your getting. The suggestions that people made, made sense like putting the cards in bags so the smell doesn’t mix together. I think the cards should also have like facts or like the origin of the weed and not just the name and picture.

I’m really into nail art and like DIY kind of things so this book is great for me. This is a 96 page nail art book that you can get design ideas from. There is also a page of empty nail template so you can try your designs. I love the colors and how bright the book is, it has a lot of collage type of elements. The way it’s designed is very fun and urban, it’s like a party in a book. Very Wah like, it goes with the brand very well. I can see my self making a book like this it’s really my style. This book has a nice hard quality paper and a hard cover. The dimensions are 6.50 (w) x 7.20 (h) which is a good size for a book of this standard.ImageImage


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