Wing Wat HW for March 31st

I really enjoy the presentation last class. All the projects are interesting and inspiring. And I like the cats vs dogs by Michael and Deny the most. Since I always find info-graphics to be an educational, entertaining, and useful tool and the topic they picked really grabs my interest. I also like the way they folding design, it’s clean and effective.

A book that recently inspires me a lot is called GeoGraphics, simple form graphics in Print and Motion. I have always been into geographic design and shapes creating minimal design. This book collects over 130 print works, products and site specific installations, showing how simple shapes can help to bind with its modularity and colors, connote complex brand visions.

The work are mainly built on geometry shapes and pattern. Mostly giving me an impression of the Swiss style and Bauhaus. Not only the work inside are awesome, the use of grid and layout of images are also very thought-through.

The book is a hard cover, perfect binding. Pages are likely 30lb matte paper.

photo 1            photo 5 photo 3 photo 2  photo 4


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